Seven shades of Nude: By Christian Louboutin

Louboutin nude shoes

Fashion is ever-evolving. But one does give it a thumbs up when it becomes gender sensitive and smart. World famous bespoke designer Christian Louboutin has come up with a unique range of shoes in nude colour for different skin tones. There are now as many as seven nude shades to suit all skin tones, with the signature red soles. [Feature Image Courtesy: NY Mag]

The ballerina-styled Louboutin will be priced at $595 and the classics Louboutin heels range in between $675 or $875.This goes with the general pricing of the luxury brand. The shades of nudes are named from ‘Porcelain’ to ‘Deep Chocolate’. As Louboutin is famous for its nude shoes, the maker got the idea from one of his teammates who showed discomfort at the shade of the nude which was always beige. “It wasn’t until a team member bluntly stated ‘beige is not the colour of my skin’ that he recognized “nude” should be a concept rather than a single shade,” says this report.


Louboutin nudes

Christian Louboutin nued shoes (pic by Fashionbombdaily)

“Nudes are the safest option, with any outfit formal or casual, when it comes to wearing high heeled shoes,” agrees Indian shoe designer Aparajita Toor who has a signature label of the same name. “And just as women can be really choosy for the right shade of a lipstick or nail paint, the right colour tone becomes important when choosing a pair of nude coloured shoes. By attempting to offer seven varying shades of nude colour, the ace designer lays the option to choose a pair that matches their skin tone.”

“A pair of shoes in nude colour simply blends into any outfit and is a definite essential in any wardrobe,” she adds.

Much like any other industries, the fashion industry is also guilty of its bias towards a certain skin tone. Louboutin’s stunning shoe line comes like barrier-breaking effort to being appropriate to a changing thought process.

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Louboutin had conceptualized this unique shoe line last year, five shades of which are already out in the market.