Serena Williams Pens A Post About Women On Instagram

Serena Williams overtakes Roger Federer for most Grand Slam match wins

She has a strong grip on her game and on her beliefs. When Serena Williams speaks, the world is bound to get up and listen, especially when she is talking about feminism. As a role model to many, she only proved once again that taking a stand is important for women in today’s world.

The world woke up to Williams’ special Instagram post, an open letter to women. A feminist message to all women who once faced many hurdles, yet fought back and came out shining.

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“My fight began when I was three and I haven’t taken a break since.”

In the post, Williams also shared about her childhood dream, and how she never aimed at becoming the best female tennis player but to achieve the best tennis player feat. She goes on to emphasis that the subject of equal pay frustrates her because she’s experienced it herself. “Do they say LeBron is one of the world’s best male athletes? Is Tiger? Federer? Why not? They are certainly not female. We should never let this go unchallenged.”

“What others marked as flaws or disadvantages—my race, my gender—I embraced as fuel for my success.”

The letter also encapsulates much of a subject of equal pay and the frustration of being in a gender biased system. Earlier this year Sania Mirza, India’s top ranked tennis star talked about these issues too citing the rising concerns of female players.

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Now she has an added facet to her personality, that of being an outspoken legend, here’s hoping that her story of resilience will serve as an inspiration to many more out there.

Read her letter posted on Instagram here:

Serena Williams

Something off topic, here’s another quote from the winner of 22 Grand Slam singles titles and several Olympic gold medals, Serena Williams — “Since I don’t look like every other girl, it takes a while to be okay with that. To be different. But different is good.”

Don’t you just love this badass sportstar? More power to you Serena!