Ludhiana And Uttar Pradesh Start Self-Defense Program For School Girls

Self Defense Program For School Girls
In order to defend oneself from physical harm of any kind, one can use self-defense techniques. This one is, of course, the primary motivation for learning self-defense. The ability to defend oneself against physical harm or bullying is strengthened by training in arts like judo, karate, jiu-jitsu, etc. Training in these arts enables the learner to be vigilant and equips them with the necessary tools.

Two Indian states have launched martial arts training programs in an effort to empower schoolgirls on the occasion of Women’s Day by teaching them self-defense techniques that will help them defend themselves against anti-social elements and promote overall personality development.

Surabhi Malik, the deputy commissioner of Ludhiana, introduced the Israeli martial arts training program “Krav Maga” on Thursday. The safety of the girls was Malik’s top priority, and she was accompanied by Assistant Commissioner Aparna MB (an IAS-in-training). Every girl attending public school would receive Krav Maga training as part of this self-defense training program.