The creator of Wall Street’s famous Charging Bull statue wants the Fearless Girl statue removed. The girl statue was placed near the bull during the International Women’s Day celebrations. The Italian-born Arturo Di Modica says that the girl statue is a copyright violation which changes the artistic meaning of his statue.

His lawyers say that city officials did not follow a proper procedure when choosing to grant the permit, which would allow the statue to remain on Wall Street for a year. The Bull statue was put in place in 1987 without any permits. It was placed on a street in New York after a financial collapse and was later moved to Wall Street. It was allowed to stay because of pubic demand.

Modica says that the Girl is an advertising trick because one  of its sponsors is advertising firm McCann. He said that everybody used to love his bull statue, but the girl statue makes his work seem ‘negative’.

“She’s there attacking the bull,” he said.

The girl statue was placed in front of the bull to make a statement about gender diversity in boardrooms.

Modica’s attorney Normal Siegel said that the girl is fearless because she is confronting the bull. He said that gender equality is a serious issue, but the issue here is about copyright.

“None of us here today are in any way not proponents of gender equality, but there are issues of copyright and trademark.”

In response, New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted that “men who don’t like women taking up space are exactly why we need the Fearless Girl”.

While some had a strong reaction against the removal of the girl statue, others say they understand why the artist wants it removed.

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