Scolded Over Excessive Mobile Use, Woman Attempts Suicide

A 21-year-old woman attempts suicide after being scolded for excessive phone use by her parents, leaping into Chhattisgarh's Chitrakote Waterfalls. She later realises her mistake and is rescued, highlighting the dangers of digital addiction.

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Image credits: NativePlanet

Image credits: NativePlanet

In a distressing incident that unfolded on Tuesday, a 21-year-old woman's life hung in the balance after a series of events triggered by excessive mobile phone usage. Saraswati Maurya, hailing from the district of Sukma in Chhattisgarh, found herself standing on the precipice of despair at the awe-inspiring Chitrakote Waterfalls, famously dubbed the 'Mini Niagara.'

As the pressures of the digital age continue to tighten their grip on society, this young woman's story serves as a poignant reminder of the often-unseen consequences of our technological obsession. It all began when Saraswati's parents, driven by concern for their daughter's well-being, reproached her for her excessive reliance on her mobile phone. Little did they know that their admonishment would push her to the edge of desperation.

Overwhelmed by a sense of hopelessness, Saraswati made a life-altering decision, plunging herself into the cascading waters of Chitrakote Falls. Yet, as the cold reality of her actions sunk in, she fought against the current with all her strength, desperately attempting to swim back to safety.

Thankfully, fate intervened in the form of a timely rescue operation. A vigilant rescue boat, stationed nearby, swiftly arrived at the scene, sparing Saraswati from the clutches of tragedy. The efforts of the rescue team ensured that she was brought back to safety, marking a critical turning point in her harrowing ordeal.

Tamesswar Chauhan, the officer in charge at the Chitrakoot Police Station, shed light on the heart-wrenching incident, revealing that Saraswati Maurya had intentionally climbed to the summit of the Chitrakote Waterfalls before leaping into the abyss.

In a desperate attempt to prevent the irreversible, numerous bystanders pleaded with her to reconsider, but their appeals fell on deaf ears.

While this episode ends on a hopeful note, it unveils a deeply-rooted issue that continues to grip our modern society: the precarious balance between our reliance on technology and its potential consequences on our mental well-being. 


The incident shines a stark light on the pervasive issue of mobile addiction among the younger generation. In an era where digital connectivity is both a boon and a bane, excessive phone use has become a societal concern. This tragic episode underscores the need for a balanced approach to technology consumption and mental well-being.

Saraswati's story serves as a powerful reminder that behind the glowing screens and virtual realms lie real individuals struggling with their own demons. It is a call for society to foster open dialogues about the potential harms of excessive mobile phone use and extend compassion and support to those caught in the throes of addiction.

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