Schools In Mumbai Suburb To Have Sanitary Pad Vending Machines

vending machines for sanitary napkins

The Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation will install sanitary napkin dispensing machines in its schools. The machines will benefit more than 750 students in the 35 schools the corporation runs.

The pilot project will see the machines being installed in the bathrooms of two schools, the head office, and two civic-run hospitals. The machines will function like ATMs which will dispense sanitary napkins once the user swipes a smart card.

“It is a great initiative. While it will be an effective and convenient mode for any-time access to sanitary napkins, the administration should also consider setting up waste incinerators as well for proper disposal of sanitary napkins,” said BJP corporator Dipika Arora.

A waste destroying machine can convert used sanitary pad into ashes.

Sanitary pad vending machines are being introduced slowly to different institutions around India. All government colleges in Haryana will have automated sanitary napkin vending machines and incinerators installed on a large scale, the government has announced.

Kerala has also made the provision of sanitary napkins mandatory in all higher secondary schools in the state. These instructions are part of the Kerala government’s She Pad scheme, which aims to provide sanitary pads to all girl students. The education department has also directed all government, private aided and aided schools to ensure clean drinking water, and separate toilets for boys and girls.

The BMC is also planning to install 172 machines and incinerators in its schools in Mumbai. Kudos to these moves which are breaking the taboo against menstruation, one machine at a time.

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