Saudi Arabia Allows Female Drivers For Family Transportation Services

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According to the reports by a Saudi Arabian Newspaper, Al- Madina, the Public Transport Authority (PTA) has issued bylaws for family transportation service to be offered by female drivers.


There are three perquisites that all family transportation service providers must adhere to. Firstly, the driver must belong to the native place and should be a Saudi woman only. She must possess a proper driving license and should be free of any contagious diseases. The female driver must not have any criminal record.

Moreover, the female cab drivers won't be able to operate outside the city for which the license has been issued.

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If the set of instructions or rules are not followed, fines can be imposed.

If any driver provides family transportation service without the presence of an adult female passenger, a fine of SR5,000 will be imposed. It will incur a fine of SR5,000, if the driver is non-Saudi.

If the driver is found driving in a city other than the one where the license was issued, a fine of SR500 will be levied. A fine of SR2,000 will be levied if a male passenger or a child is permitted to sit in the front seat.


The bylaws have also specified 11 conditions for the vehicle that will be used for family transportation purposes. Firstly, the vehicle should be at least a 7-seater, but not more than 5 years old. The vehicles must have a fit-in tracking device. The colour and appearance of the vehicle should match the requirements specified. It should be having effective air-conditioning. There should be an identification screen embedded in the vehicle. Also, it should have an electronic point-of-sale machine for getting payment electronically.

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Saudi Arabia is considered as one of the most regressive countries in the world for women. Out of 145 countries, the Kingdom is ranked 134, when it comes to gender equality.

However, it appears the Kingdom is slowly working towards attaining gender equality. Last year, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia celebrated its first ever Women’s Day, in the country’s capital, Riyadh.

For the first time, the country held a women’s cycling race on Tuesday, April 10. It has also opened applications for women to join the military.

This year, it allowed women to start their own business, without the authorization from a male guardian. In January 2018, Saudi Arabia got its first car showroom for women, which is operated by women employees only.


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