There are some stark gender differences when it comes to driving. Women are often associated with household work, and there are fewer women than men driving cars in India. In such a scenario, T Saseendra’s story is indeed heartwarming. She drove an open jeep from which Kerala’s Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan took the salute during the passing-out parade of the first women’s battalion of the state police.

T Saseendra is the main woman driving instructor at the police academy. The 49-year-old has become the first woman in Kerala to drive the CM’s vehicle.

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“I am very happy that I was entrusted with the responsibility by my department. For some people, these things may sound very trivial. But for me, it’s a big deal,” said Saseendra

Currently, Saseendra is working as a CPO at the district commissioner’s office in Thrissur. She has been in the police force since the past 14 years.

She has also driven squad cars of the women’s helpline team for many years. It was B Sandhya, the then-DIG who entrusted her with this responsibility when the women’s helpline was launched in Thrissur. She can even drive even heavier vehicles like buses and trucks. Saseendra said earlier she always used to wonder why men were chosen to pilot the open jeep of VIP dignitaries and why women were not given this huge opportunity during passing-out parades.

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Currently, T. Saseendra is the only woman in a group of 14 driving instructors at the police office

During the last Congress government rule, Saseendra was behind the wheels of the open salute jeeps. She had driven the vehicles of then home minister Ramesh Chennithala and then power minister Aryadan Muhammed.

Saseendra’s husband Jayan runs a driving school at Cherpu in Thrissur district. Before joining the Kerala police, she too was an instructor there. They have a daughter named Anagha.

Picture Credit: Indian Express

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