Saree Swag: Meet These Badass Women Who Broke Norms in 9 Yards

Traditional Kanjivaram Sarees Picture By: Ambadipba.wordpress

Shital Mahajan Rane, an Indian woman in extreme sports took to skydiving and created a record. On Sunday, Mahajan, 35, jumped from a height of 13 thousand feet in Thailand wearing traditional Maharashtrian saree and we can’t stop gushing over her bold spirit.

She now is the first Indian woman to do such a stunt.

The Padma Shri awardee experimented on her first-ever parachute jump without having any training, making this a unique record. Pattaya clouds witnessed this extraordinary performance when Mahajan succeeded in jumping twice from a plain from a height of 13 thousand feet. Shital is a national and international acclaimed sportswoman.

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Speaking to the Mirror, Shital Mahajan shared, “I have always wanted to do something different with skydiving. I have 17 national and 6 world records to my name. I keep doing different and exceptional things in skydiving sport. And I want to promote what Indian women are capable of doing on the world forum if given a chance. When I did it on the North Pole, I just wanted to prove to the world that Indian women can do anything.”

Here is a woman’s reply to those who consider sarees a symbol of clumsiness.

While we all agree that this elegant piece of clothing is adorable and every woman, once in a while, should flaunt the garment, there are such cases which totally blown our mind away in the past.

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Here are some instances where badass women tried showing us wearing a saree is cool and who cares about pallu as well-loved the act more.

Milind Soman and his 75-year-old (then) mother high-fived each other and ran on Ahmedabad-Mumbai Run. She was barefoot and yeah in a sari.


Or, again Usha Soman pulled off push-ups in saree.

When Kolkata homemaker Pooja Jain got ready to compete a Marathon in a saree

Recently Mandira Bedi gave us inspiration by doing push-ups in a saree. In her own words: “When the attire didn’t matter.”


When about 120 women in Bangalore recently ran a marathon in saree.


Or, when this sword-fighting granny shows us how it’s done


Jayanthi Sampathkumar, IT manager from Hyderabad, named in Guinness World Record after she ran a full marathon wearing a saree

Breaking regularity, these 50 women sparkle India’s first saree Flash Mob

When Neetu Singh, a Yoga Instructor and founder of Total Yoga made a Diwali Special street yoga show in Bangalore.

Neetu Singh of Total Yoga

Diwali Special Bangalore

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