Saree Clad Human Robot ‘Zafira’ Greets People At Stores In Tiruchirappalli

In a scenario, where everyone is adapting to the new normal,  garment stores in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu has devised an interesting and attractive way to greet customers along with the sanitisers. A saree clad humanoid robot named ‘Zafira’ greets customers at the entrance of the stores.

The robot equipped with Artificial Intelligence not only greets the customers with folded hands but also keeps track of the number of customers entering the store at a time. She also monitors them to maintain social distancing and to wear masks. Zafira even checks the customers’ temperature and dispenses sanitiser. In all, she has been designed taking into consideration all the measures implemented to curb down the spread of novel coronavirus.

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“We’ve developed robots ever since COVID-19 broke out and lockdown was imposed, to help frontline workers. The robot has a complete intelligence system. It can also track number of people entering store at a time and send details to owners via email, daily,” Aashik Rahman, CEO, Zafi Robots, told ANI. He added that they are now focusing on mass production of the robots as they have received bulk orders from several showrooms in Tamil and Kerala.

The voice-activated robot can be dressed up in various outfits and is being used at all garment stores in Tiruchirappalli.

Ever since the lockdown has been lifted in the country, people are rethinking of ways in order to maintain social distancing and to follow other important guidelines. Various stores, restaurants, hotels, government offices have made it mandatory to wear masks. The places are being sanitised regularly and social distancing norms are being asked of people to follow.

India has now touched the mark of 3.31 million cases and has seen above 60,000 deaths. Around the world, the cases have touched 24 million cases with around 822,000 deaths and 15.6 million people have recovered till now.

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Sanskriti Tiwari is an intern with SheThePeople