Sarah Everard Case Update: The Accused, PC Wayne Couzens Pleads Guilty

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Sarah Everard case update: The case of the unexpected disappearance of a 33-year-old woman that uproared protests all over the UK, made headlines again after the accused pleaded guilty on June 8 of rape and abduction of Everard.

Trigger warning: This article has content that can be disturbing and contains graphic details.

Police constable Wayne Couzens has confessed his crime proving the allegations against him of kidnapping and raping Sarah Everard right. Everard went missing on March 3 while walking home from a friend’s house in south London, last captured by a doorbell camera around 9.30 of the said evening.

The accused, a serving Metropolitan police officer, was tried in court on the charges of disappearance and death of the 33-year-old marketing executive. Couzens was also accused of the murder, however, he did not plea against the murder charges in the online hearing of June 8.

In the mentioned hearing session, Couzens spoke only once and only to say, “Guilty, sir” while the hearing of his case was taking place.

Couzens who pleaded guilty to kidnapping Everard “unlawfully and by force or fraud” on 3 March and raping her between March 2 to 10, will be liable for psychiatric tests, the result for which will be ready by the next month.

The accused joined the Met police in 2018 and was arrested on suspicion of kidnap because of Couzen’s dubious absence from his duty around the time of Everard’s abduction.

Sarah Everard Case:

According to a postmortem test report of the deceased which was made public recently, “the examination into the death of Sarah Everard held at the William Harvey hospital in Ashford has given cause of death as compression of the neck.”

Last week, the results of a postmortem were made public, which showed Everard died from compression of the neck.

Regarding the case, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman said, “Prime Minister Boris Johnson completely understands the strength of feeling but is urging people to continue to abide by the coronavirus restrictions.”