Safoora Zargar Offers To Donate Breast Milk To A One-Day-Old Baby

Safoora Zargar Admission Cancelled
Safoora Zargar offers to donate breast milk: As Manisha Mondal placed a requirement for a breast milk donor on the Twitter, Safoora Zargar stepped forward to help.

On Monday, senior Multimedia Journalist Manisha Mondal took to Twitter to request for a breast milk donor for a one-day old Delhi-based child, who lost her mother because of COVID. “Need a breast milk donor for a one day old baby in Delhi. Her passed away due to COVID. Please contact- 9830106629. Please help,” she wrote. Activist Safoora Zargar replied to the tweet saying that she could donate. The journalist can drop her a message if needed. “I can donate. Plz dm if still needed,” she said.

Safoora Zargar offers to donate breast milk

Zargar’s followers were pleased with her gesture and appreciated her move. Last year Zargar was brutally trolled and mocked. She spent months in jail during her pregnancy. Twitter user Md Asif Khan wrotethat she is an amazing human being. Zargar thanked him saying that she was just doing her bit.

Mondal later thanked everyone and informed that the family had received milk.

Safoora Zargar is a member of the media wing of the Jamia Coordination Committee (JCC). In 2020, Zargar joined anti-CAA protests in Delhi. On Feb 10 last year, she was taken to the hospital when she fainted after being “caught in scuffle between police and students”.

On April 10, 2020, the activist was arrested at her residence as the police suspected her to be n organiser of an anti-CAA protest and road blockade. She was brought before the Metropolitan Magistrate the next day and remained in police custody for two days. Zargar was rearrested soon after her bail on April 13 on another charge. Later, additional charges were brought against her.

Cases of COVID positive patients are rising in Delhi. As the Capital fights against the surge and daily deaths, it has sought the assistance of the army to set-up, operationalise and run COVID-19 health facilities.