Saarthi Brings Med Facilities At Doorstep In Delhi, Noida

The death of her sister — who was detected with cancer in the last stage — a few years ago proved to be a turning point in Dr Neetu Singh’s life. At that time, there was no facility available for medical equipment to reach one’s doorstep. Singh then started helping out families of cancer patients by educating them about holistic care of such patients. Eventually, she started Saarthi Home Healthcare which aims to provide geriatrics and palliative care at the doorstep with highly-trained medical attendants and equipment.

With Saarthi, one can easily avail of medical services at home in Noida, Delhi and NCR. “The best care a patient can receive is at home,” Singh told SheThePeople.TV.

The service, which started two months ago, is aimed at those families with senior citizens who are too ill to step out of home or those who live alone.

Dr. Neetu Singh, the founder of "Saarthi Home Healthcare"Photo credits: ICCPL

Dr. Neetu Singh, founder of “Saarthi Home Healthcare”
Photo credit: ICCPL

“As a medical professional, I realize how the health fraternity lacks in providing medical services instantly at home and especially to those elderly ill patients who cannot even visit hospitals  on their own for treatment,” she said.

The 27-year-old Singh earlier worked with Max Hospital in New Delhi and says that Saarthi helps patients avail of medical services at home, away from long queues at crowded hospitals and pathology centers. Asked how Saarthi is different from other ventures that provide home medical facilities, Singh said, “The other bureaus which are running home healthcare centres mainly provide basic nursing facility mainly, but Saarthi provides a complete package, where a professionally trained team takes care of the patients.”

From professional nurses, required medical equipment to the best physiotherapists and doctors, Singh wants to provide the complete care package to those who need it. “The rates of services vary with the nature of services. As our aim is to help patients and families who cannot reach hospitals for their treatment, our charges are nominal. For hiring medical attendants for non-critical patients at home, we charge Rs 600 for 12 hours while for critical patients, it’s relatively 15-16% more. Other important services like immediate doctor visit at home starts with Rs 2,000 per visit and nursing care starts with Rs 1,600 for 12 hours,” said Singh.

Saarthi is also aiming to expand its services to other metropolitan cities.