Ruchi Gupta Quits Congress, Blames KC Venugopal

Ruchi Gupta Quits Congress

Ruchi Gupta, the head of the Congress Party’s National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) has left the party.  She cited the ‘delay in organisational changes’ within the party’s framework as the main reason for her resignation.

Moreover, she is one among the many leaders who as quit the party as it struggles to stabilise itself. The Congress party is battling against numerous disagreements, people deserting the party for another. It has failed to meet the expectations of its own party leaders. Also, 23 senior leaders have demanded for an organisational revamp of the party. Numerous factors like repeated election losses have driven the party to the brink of collapsing.

Ruchi Gupta Blames KC Venugopal

Ruchi Gupta gave her resignation during an important meeting headed by interim-president Sonia Gandhi. Gupta has blamed AICC Secretary, K C Venugopal for hindering the party’s efforts to make organisational changes.

“Dear all, I am writing to you to announce that I have resigned…. These continuing delays by the GS(O) are damaging the organisation but in the present circumstances, it is not possible to escalate repeatedly to Congress President. The situation has thus become untenable,” she writes.

In the end, she thanked her co-workers for their hard work during this pandemic. She thanked Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi for giving her the opportunity to lead the NSUI on her Twitter handle. Besides this, she also published an opinion piece on the Congress party for The Hindu. 

She stressed on the importance of organising the party’s internal framework at the ‘grassroots level.’ Gupta also said that there Congress needs to establish a “strong top-down leadership”.

Ruchi Gupta Thinks That Rahul Gandhi Can Lead The Party

In her article, Ruchi Gupta noted that Rahul Gandhi can do something substantial for the party. “This is not a sycophantic statement – if any other leader had to emerge in the party, he would have done so over the last year. Instead, different factions prefer status quo rather than allowing one group to ascend and upset the balance of power for everyone. Organisational power thus continues to reside in Mr Gandhi. The way then to revive the Congress and consolidate this power is one and the same – it’s full and frontal exercise.”

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