Rowling makes an Apology For Falsely Accusing Trump

Author J K Rowling took to the micro blogging site, Twitter, on Friday tweeting out a video which was edited in a way that indicated US President Donald Trump had ignored a disabled 3-year-old Montgomery Weer who had stretched out his hand for a handshake. The bestselling author garnered more than 75,000 re-tweets by Monday for her first tweet, which was the first of the series of seven tweets, creating a buzz worldwide.

Three days later on Monday (July 31), Rowling apologised for the tweets, stating it was “not a full or accurate representation” and that she had got it all wrong, with reference to what actually happened at last Monday’s health care event at the White House. She also deleted the tweets in question, apologising on twitter to the boy and his family.

According to the creator of Harry Potter, it was “stunning” and “horrible” that Trump “cannot bring himself to shake the hand of a small boy who only wanted to touch the President.”

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And below the string of the original tweets from 28th July

In this unedited video, it is clear that Trump showed respect to the boy, and in fact, did shake his hand, Daily Mail reported.

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