Rosanne Boyland, Trump Supporter Who Died In Capitol Riot, Followed QAnon, Says Family

Rosanne Boyland was a drug addict who had just recovered and had started attending addiction support groups.

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Rosanne Boyland, one of the pro-Trump protestors who died during in Capitol Hill attack was a follower of QAnan conspiracy theory, according to her family. They also said that Boyland didn't believe that Trump had lost the elections.


She was a drug addict who had just recovered and had started attending addiction support groups. Her sister named Lonna Cave said that Boyland had promised her that she will not commit any violence at the Capitol and will just "stand on the sidelines" to show support. Cave believes that the reason behind her sister's death is Donald Trump's words. She said, " My own personal belief is that I believe that the president’s words and rhetoric incited a riot (Wednesday) that killed four of his biggest fans.” 

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Her sister also talked about Boyland had gotten sober and started to take responsibility for her life but she also said that Boyland had become "real conservative". The QAnon conspiracy theory claims of a fictional child sex trafficking ring and that Democrats like Joe Biden and Hollywood celebrities run it. Like Ashli Babbit, a woman who was shot dead by the Capitol police during the riot, Boyland also believed in the conspiracy theory. Her sister Cave said that Boyland believed that Wayfair an online furniture company was part of that child sex traffic ring.

How did Boyland die?

So far there are no official statements made on how Rosanne Boyland died in the Capitol riot but according to a report, Boyland's friend said that she died as she was pinned to the ground when police and protestors clashed with each other. While the Boyland's family was reported saying that a police detective had informed them about Boyland's death and according to him she had collapsed when she was standing on the side of Capitol Rotunda (a room located at the centre of Capitol building).

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