Ashli Babbit’s Husband Calls Her A “Great Patriot”

Ashli Babbit QAnon capitol hill attack

The identity of a pro-trump protestor who was shot dead reportedly by the Capitol Police in Washington D.C has been confirmed by her husband. Her name is Ashli Babbit and she served for 14 years in the US Air Force and went on four tours during her service.

Her husband who spoke to KUSI News called her a “great patriot” and a strong supporter of Donald Trump. He also said that Babbit was also a high-level security official during her military service. The Metropolitan Police Department has reportedly initiated an investigation of her death.

She was reportedly shot dead by the Capitol Police when she along with hundreds of pro-Trump protestors entered the Capitol building in Washington D.C to overturn Donald Trump’s election defeat. Her death was also captured in a video which showed her crumbling to the floor after taking the bullet. According to the New York Post, Babbit had tweeted, ” Nothing will stop us..”. Her Twitter timeline shows her wishing Donald Trump supporters gathering around the Capitol Building “Gods Speed”. She also reportedly declared January 6, 2021, as the day when Republicans ‘start winning’. Read more about her here.

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