RINL director (Personnel) GBS Prasad inaugurated a training programme: ‘Women Development – Women Executives’ in Vishakapatnam yesterday. Scheduled for one day, the programme was organised at the Management Development Centre (MDC) in Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (VSP).


The event was attended by thirty-two women executives representing a cross section of the VSP. The event was organized by Women in Public Sector (WIPS) and was coordinated by J Rahul of MDC and Padmavathi of WIPS. The training was conducted by Dr. Anjana Maitra from Rourkela. Dr. Maitra is a well-known corporate trainer in soft skills and expert on Gender Studies.


[Picture courtesy: YouStory]

The aim of the programme was to create awareness among women executives about the issues, rights and duties concerned with the workplace. The women were made aware of their rights and status at the event as well. The other topics that were bought up and discussed during the training were women development measures, the portrayal of women in media and advertisements, etc.


Apart from these, the discussed issues included women in board rooms, understanding the glass ceiling, women and leadership, rights of women, culture and practices, cross cultural sensitivity different communication styles of men and women and the use of gender neutral language in communication, legal and constitutional aspects.


ORIGINAL SOURCE: New Indian Express