Right-wingers bar entry of Muslims at Garba event to ‘protect’ Hindu girls

There is nothing to stop right-wingers from spreading hatred between the two communities- Hindus and Muslims in the country and women at the centre of such divisive politics. Orders have been issued by a right-wing group to block Muslims from entering in the Garba events held during the Navratri festival in Mandvi town of Kutch district in Gujarat to prevent cases of “Love Jihad.”

“We have issued a diktat barring the entry of Muslims at Garba events in Mandvi. Incidents of love jihad where Muslim boys lure and marry our Hindu girls happen at Garba. Our only aim is to protect our girls,” said president of Hindu Yuva Sangthan, Raghuvirsinh Jadeja, who is also Chief of Vishwa Hindu Parishad of the Mandvi tehsil unit, as per the reports of Hindustan Times.

To prevent the entry of Muslims, Jadeja’s strategies involve every person entering the Garba events to have a tilak on their forehead and each and every person to be sprayed with Gaumutra (Cow urine). According to Jadeja, he is getting a good response from the people of Mandvi town and speculates that if people from other regions also appreciate the movement then this can be spread-ed further.

He also mentioned that his men will keep an eye on anyone who tries to intrude the event and found to be a non-Hindu in the event.

“My people would do patrolling outside and inside Garba events and if they find any non-Hindus, they would exclude them,” asserts Jadeja, stated in DNA.

When questioned about how will they identify non-Hindus in the event? He replies, “We can identify such elements,” reported by DNA.

Instead of bringing harmony and respect between the two communities, when such news comes across, it is nothing short of appalling for the people. And to use women as the center of their activities is even more insulting for women as this shows how incapable women are in choosing what is right and what is not for them, when in reality women are much more sensible.

Picture Credit- Mera Events