Actor Richa Chadha Deletes Twitter From Phone, Calls It 'Toxic'

She shared the news on Twitter, saying, “Deleting this app off of my phone. Takes too much, is toxic. Bye.”

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Richa Chadha deletes Twitter app: Actor Richa Chada recently shared on Twitter, that she would be deleting the app from her phone. She said that the microblogging social media app breeds too much toxicity, expressing her wish to stay away from it. Her announcement left many fans requesting the actor to not leave the platform.

Chadha shared the news on Twitter, saying, “Deleting this app off of my phone. Takes too much, is toxic. Bye.” After the announcement, many of her fans were left disheartened, and requested her to not leave, as they support her and would continue to do so. One user even commented, “Please don’t do this. There are very few sane voices on this platform”.

She has also clarified that she has only deleted the app from the phone and not deactivated her account. She wrote, "Not deactivating account , just taking a break guyzzzz. Stop sending emo msgs."

In a past interview the actor had shared how she deals with trolls on social media. She had said that she did not really care, and that the people who spread negativity and troll others are cowards. She added how it did not usually affect her much, she had said that the only time she did react to them, was when she wanted to make an example out of someone, or when she was stuck in a traffic jam. Her comments were well received back then.

Richa Chadha is well-known for using social media platforms to spread awareness about issues, voice her opinion on different matters, including politics.

The actor had recently received many malicious comments online, asking her 'when she was getting divorced like Aamir Khan'. Chadha often got trolled for her inter-faith relationship with actor Ali Fazal. Chadha and Fazal were set to get hitched last year but it got postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

She is engaged to actor Ali Fazal. she was last seen in Candy.


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