How would you react if I tell you that there is a city where women are seen riding motorbikes without any restrictions? Amazed? Well, photographer Akasha Rabut felt the same when she shifted to the US city of New Orleans in 2010.

Talking about the freedom with which the women were seen biking around, Rabut told Huffington Post, “I love the feminism and femininity that these women bring to the masculine world of motorcycle clubs.”

The All-Women Motorcycle crew calls itself Caramel Curves. Rabut’s photos show these women biking with pink smoke in the background. The strong relationship that these women share is evident from the kind of matching checkered jackets that they wear.

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Rabut was mesmerized seeing them ride motorbikes with such conviction. She said, “These women are comfortable riding their bikes in heels and love to emphasize that they can do anything a man can do, only better and in heels. I think they do a really good job at combating the stereotype that biking is a masculine hobby.”

Women riding motorbike.

These women are doing a great job by blurring gender lines by identifying their true identities. They have got tattoos, ripped up jeans, dangly earrings and gelled hair. The best part is the enthusiasm with which they ride bikes.

Women riding motorbike.

“They have just as much, if not more, passion than most men that ride,” Rabut said. “Riding bikes gives them a sense freedom and an outlet in the world. I hope that viewers, especially female viewers, feel empowered by these images.”

women on bikes 3

women on bikes 4

Women riding motorbike.


In a world that loves to see women caged, these bad-ass feminists are proving that no woman should let anyone thwart their mobility. We salute their strong expression of smashing patriarchy and embracing feminism in their own style.

Pics by Akasha Rabut

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