Revealed in the chargesheet: RK Pachauri’s vindictiveness

RK Pachauri

The case of RK Pachauri’s inflicting sexual harassment on his junior female colleague has been drawing much attention lately. The chargesheet filed by the police against him has some shocking details about his conduct, proof of which are his emails sent by him through his personal email address to the survivor. It is being speculated that Pachauri might have just fired the survivor,  after which, he emailed her through his personal email address pointing out her professional incompetence and yet stating that she can still ‘hang around’ in the office if she wants.

“If you are content with just hanging around and drawing a salary and benefits for doing whatever is your fancy, be my guest! Perhaps that gives you professional satisfaction and a sense of achievement,” he taunted her, according to the court papers, reported India Today.

Pachauri also attempted to mock the female employee’s age by saying, “I also believe that for a professional beyond the age of 30 years, it is expected that such a person would take a leadership position on work within TERI rather than just do bits and pieces of work on diverse projects led by others. There are fortunately so many examples of very young colleagues in TERI who are showing remarkable initiative and are building activities in several fields and contributing to the institute rather than the institute contributing to their upkeep for months.”

After a year and a half of pestering the “30-year-old” employee with his sexual advances, the ex-climate head of UN finally gave up with a revengeful attitude by freeing her off her duties.

“I think I should make a few things perfectly clear. I have absolutely no work to assign to you which is part of the activities within my office. I have made alternative arrangements for help in my office, and I really have no tasks to keep you occupied,” read his alleged note to the plaintiff, compiled as an exhibit in the 622-page charge-sheet, as quoted by Daily Mail.

It was on February 2015 that the female employee filed a case against the then TERI chief alleging that he has sexually harassed her in her tenure of work. After which he has been under constant media scrutiny. After the survivor came forward and filed a lawsuit against Pachauri, other women also came out about the same. The chargesheet details now claims to establish that Pachauri wasn’t just a serial harasser but also a misogynist.

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