Red Velvet’s Irene Issues An Apology On Accusations Regarding Her Behaviour

Red Velvet Irene

Red Velvet’s Irene has issued an apology once again after a controversy arose in the month of October regarding her behaviour.

The singer was accused of allegedly mistreating a fashion editor during one of her photoshoots. This was according to a now-deleted post which was shared by the fashion editor on social media. The South Korean singer went on to apologise for her actions in a letter via the fan community Lysn on January 15.

In the letter, she apologised for causing pain to the people around her. She then went on to talk about how she has always wanted to give her best at everything she did. She also acknowledged the fact that she never imagined that her ‘methods of communication’ would prove to be problematic with others. This is  because she felt people in her own way, and felt that everyone has ‘different ways of communicating.’

Because of what happened, I received a lot of concern and reprimands from the people around me too as well as the public, and through this, I gained the time to quietly reflect upon myself.Irene then ended her her apology by saying that she is doing everything to not be who she used to be. She also assured that she would work on being a more mature person.

Lastly, she expressed the hope that no one would be criticised anymore due to her imperfections and wished everyone a happy new year.


Irene Drew Mixed Reactions From The Public After Appearing With Red Velvet

On 1st January Irene appeared publicly along with her bandmates a few months after the scandal. They performed for SMTOWN LIVE’s “Culture Humanity” free online concert. However, Irene’s participation drew a lot of mixed reactions from the fans. Some had positivity while others had negative things to say about her. Many criticised the fact that her for making an appearance after just two months of the heated controversy.

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