Recover Your Mental Health With These Simple Steps

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Life is not a bed of roses. It offers brickbats with bouquets. Loss of a parent, heartbreak, failures, work stress — these massive changes in life can make you feel miserable and retaining one’s sanity in these times of turmoil can be a difficult task. People around will try to cheer you up but the power to reclaim your life lies within you.

Read on for 5 ways to recover your mental health:

Seek support from people going through the same problems

The issue of mental health has been brushed under the carpet for very long but the reality is that more and more people are coming out with their problems. Do not expect everyone to understand your emotions. You need not feel ashamed of yourself. Seek solace in stories of other people and use them as opportunities to vent your pent-up emotions. Joining online support groups that propagate information about such issues is one great way to build your self-esteem.

Pay attention to your physical health

Many your mental health issues will be resolved if you start paying attention to your body. Cut down on that sugar that increases your doctor visits. Shun aerated drinks. Switch to fresh fruits and vegetables. Wake up early and stretch some muscles. Your body will brim with energy, dismissing all your stress-issues.

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Visit a therapist

Visiting a therapist can help you get in touch with your innermost feelings and unexpressed emotions. A self-exploration journey is what you need the most at this point of time. A therapist will give you all the support and encouragement to rev up your life and live it with optimism.

Write a diary 

When was the last time you penned down your feelings? Writing a diary every day can relieve you of a lot of stress and make you feel as light as a feather. The therapeutic effects of writing down one’s proceedings of the day with clarity and detailing are wondrous.

SheThePeople.Tv spoke to Mahalaxmi Rajagopal, Director Of Sahayam Intervention Centre in Dwarka, about the various ways that can help individuals cope with the problem.

“Some of the main reasons why one’s mental health is affected may be attributed to one’s perception of oneself and one’s environment. A change in one’s perspective of both will go a long way in enhancing the mental health status.”

She added that awareness of one’s thoughts, forgiving others, developing empathy and regular self-evaluation with oneself and others are some simple steps to maintain a state of mental wellness.

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