The Forbes 2017 list of the World’s Billionaires was unveiled earlier this week and features 56 self-made women billionaires. Cheers to these ladies who successfully secured their positions of being the richest women worldwide! This is the first time in Forbes’ 30-year history that so many self-made women billionaires have made it to the list.

Among the 56 women in the list, who are a billion dollars ahead in the game — wealth-wise — there are a total 15 self-made entrepreneurs who were included in the past year as well, according to Forbes.


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Some highlights from the list:

  • 20-year-old Alexandra Andresen (in pic), who heads Lens Technology, is the youngest billionaire in the world for the second year in a row.
  • The highest number of billionaires comes from the US, which is leading the list with its overall counting of women who grew independently.
  • However, majority of women entrepreneurs whose net worth count is 10-digit are from Asia. Interestingly, Asia scored over the US with 29 women entrepreneurs while the latter holds the second rank with 17 self-made women billionaires.
  • Approx. over 67% of all self-made women billionaires in the world hail from Asia or America.
  • 15 newcomers debuted this year in the list, and of them 13 are from China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Japan.
  • The richest self-made woman in the world — Zhou Qunfei — is based in Hong Kong and she acquires her top rank for the second consecutive year.

Quoting Forbes here: “Self-made women make up more of the billionaires list than the group ever has before: 2.7%, compared with 2.3% last year. While self-made women still make up just a small slice of all the billionaires in the world, consider that self-made women are a fast-growing group. Just five years ago self-made women accounted for 1.8% of the list, which is about 50% less.”

  • According to the record, the self-made women billionaires have a total asset of $129 billion, which surged way up from $96.9 billion last year.

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Feature Image Credit: Forbes

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