“My brain is my enemy”, Read the News Anchor’s Suicide Note

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On April 1, Sunday, a Telugu news channel anchor committed suicide by jumping the fifth floor of her residential building in the Kukatpally area of Hyderabad.

To many, depression is unknown, it is hidden somewhere inside, grows gradually and starts feeding on the mind. It destroys the very meaning life.

Depression caused this unfortunate incident

The suicide note that the police recovered from her handbag read –

“Due to depression I am killing myself. Nobody else is the reason. My brain is my enemy.”

The deceased, identified as Radhika Reddy, 36, was a resident of Moosapet. She worked at V6 channel as a news reader. The fall from the five-storey apartment instantly killed her, police told The Hindu. Further, the cops added that she suffered a severe head injury, numerous blunt injuries to the body and a leg fracture.

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V Prasanna Kumar, the Kukatpally Police Station Inspector addressed the media:

“After work she came home, and at around 10.40 pm yesterday she went to the top floor of the building and jumped, she suffered multiple injuries and died on the spot.”

Radhika had been living with her parents after her divorce with her husband about six months ago. She is now survived by her 14-year-old son Banu Teja Reddy who has an intellectual disability. Radhika’s father told the local media that he heard a loud noise from outside the building at around 10.30 pm while he was waiting for his daughter to return. He later realised that it was she who allegedly jumped off the top floor of the building.

The deceased got married 12 years ago and has two children. The police has ruled out any possibility of foul play and has registered a case.

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