Deepika Padukone: Depression is Going to be the Next Big Epidemic

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Deepika Padukone: Depression epidemic

Deepika Padukone spoke on 'Making mental wellness a boardroom priority' at the World Congress on Information Technology and Nasscom India Leadership Forum on Wednesday (21st Feb).


The actress asserted that she was not afraid to fail and neither is she afraid to talk about the way she feels.

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Know the highlights of her journey:

Difference between being unhappy and being in depression

The Piku actress suggested that one should be more intuitive towards their friends, colleagues or family members who show signs of depression. She said that while people have moments of unhappiness, there is a huge difference between depression and just feeling unhappy.

Universality of the problem


To those who are undergoing depression, Padukone said, “You are not alone. One in five people suffer from depression. We have to help each other out. It is okay to be vulnerable, to have moments of low, to share and to seek help.”

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On how one feels

"There was no motivation and drive. I was not able to think straight. You feel a burden. You feel clouded and don't feel like yourself."

Seeking help

“I knew when I visited the psychiatrist for the first time, that half of the battle was won. I knew what was happening to me".


Importance of counsellors within organisations

She stressed the need for organizations to have a counsellor who visits them regularly so that employees who are facing depression get an avenue to open up about their problem.

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 On medication

“If your psychiatrist prescribes medication, it is okay to take medication”.

Mental Health Education in school curriculum

She also mentioned that mental health education should be a part of school curriculum.

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