Rape survivor, this young teen struggles to get admission in her own school

School principal assault

What is the primary role of a school? Isn’t it to make their students feel secure and comfortable in their own skin? Well, this school in New Delhi doesn’t think so and has denied admission to a student who was raped a few months ago. The school reportedly turned away the parents of the girl by saying that admitting their daughter would tarnish the school’s reputation.

The parents said that their daughter was kidnapped, raped and thrown out of a moving car a few months ago. The girl wanted to go back to Class XI,  in the same school she was earlier enrolled in.

They further said that the school agreed to admit the girl in Class XI but on the condition that she will refrain from coming to the school.

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According to India Today, the girl’s parents also accused that the principal has warned the girl’s friends not to sit next to her.

Shocked by the school’s apathy, the parents are seeking help from the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) which issued a notice to the Directorate of Education (DoE) seeking an explanation.

“The school has told the parents that the administration would not take responsibility for the safety of the girl and she will not be able to use the school bus like earlier if she accepts the condition and takes admission,” DCW chief Swati Maliwal said.

It is sad to know that educational institutions like schools carry such archaic mindsets. Instead of helping the girl overcome her trauma by working on building her self-esteem, it is making the situation more difficult for her.

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