Out On Bail, Siblings Chase And Hack Teen Rape Surviour To Death In UP

A rape survivor was hacked to death, allegedly by the man who assaulted her and his aides, in the Kaushambi district on Monday evening. The girl’s relatives alleged that the accused had been forcing them to settle for a compromise.

Pavi Vyas
Nov 21, 2023 14:53 IST
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A 19-year-old rape survivor was hacked to death in broad daylight in front of villagers in UP's Kaushambi by two brothers Pavan and Ashok Nishad as Pavan was accused of raping the deceased three years ago when she was a minor. 


As per the local reports, the rapist and now his victim's murderer, Pavan Nishad and his associates have been threatening and harassing the victim and her family since the alleged rape to drop the charges against him. However, as the family refused to negotiate, the accused and his brother decided to murder the woman. 

Rape Survivor Slaughtered By Accused On Bail In UP's Kaushambi:

On Monday, In UP's Dherha village, a horrific incident of slaughtering a 19-year-old rape survivor took place in broad daylight. The deceased was hacked to death using an axe allegedly by two brothers of the same community. 

On Tuesday morning, the police said the deceased was butchered on the main road of the village around 5:30 pm on Monday while she was returning home from grazing her family's cattle from the outskirts fields of the village. The two killers were brothers Pavan and Ashok Nishad who used an axe to hack the victim to death while the scared villagers spectated the crime helplessly.

The victim was a rape survivor and accused Pavan Nishad of raping her three years ago when she was a minor. Pavan and her associates have been harassing the young woman and her family to take back charges against him. However, the woman refused to back down and filed an FIR against the accused a few months ago. 

Police explained, that Pavan's brother who is also alleged to have been involved in the murder as per the statement of the victim's kin, Ashok Nishad had been accused of another murder case and had been released on bail just two days before the incident. As Pavan was released on bail at the time as well, the brothers plotted to kill the girl.


The two brothers are still running at the loose and the police have formed teams for the manhunt of the accused brothers while the girl's body has been sent for autopsy. 

Political Row:

The horrific murder of the victim seeking justice for the crime against her has blazed a predictable political row in the BJP ruling state as the opposition's state office on its X handle (Formerly Twitter) released a short clip from the crime location and issued a statement that stated the crime and predicament of women victims raising their voices against the crimes are so unsafe they might lose their lives. 

As per the data of the National Crimes Records Bureau, Uttar Pradesh in 2021 recorded 56,000 crimes against women including acid attacks, rape, and rape and murder, which is the highest amongst any state in the country. 


The horrific incident is not the first time a victim has been silenced by harassment or murder and speaks a lot about why a victim fears raising their voice against crimes, while the criminals roam fearlessly.

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