Hyderabad Law Student Writes Bhagvad Gita On 4,042 Rice Grains

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Ramagiri Swarika, a micro artist in Hyderabad, wrote ‘Bhagavad Gita’ on 4042 rice grains. Swarika, who is also a law student, revealed that it took her 150 hours to complete the micro-art. “I’ve created over 2,000 micro artworks. I also do milk art, paper carving, drawing on sesame seeds etc,” said the artist.

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Ramagiri Swarika: India’s first woman micro-artist

“In my most recent work, I have written the Bhagavad Gita on 4,042 rice grains which took 150 hours to finish,” Swarika revealed about the process of creating her artworkANI reported. The professional artist also claims to be the first woman micro-artist in India. The law student further claimed to have not used a magnifying glass for her micro artwork.

Previously, Swarika wrote the Preamble of the Constitution on hair strands for which she was felicitated by the Governor of Telangana, Tamilisai Soundararajan. “After being recognized for my work on the national level, I am willing to take my artwork to international platforms,” the city-based artist added.

“I have always had an interest in art and music and have received many awards since my childhood. I started doing micro art from the last four years with a drawing of Lord Ganesha on a rice grain, then the English alphabet on a single rice grain,” said Swarika, who wants to encourage other people to oursue micro-art.

 Delhi Cultural Academy had felicitated her with a national award in 2019 and she was recognised as India’s first micro-artist, according to Hindustan Times. “I was awarded the International Order Book of records in 2017, and in 2019, I received a national award from the North Delhi Cultural Academy. Till now I have worked on 2000 plus micro arts,” Swarika added.

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Swarika wants to be a judge

Swarika is currently studying law in the city and says that someday she wants to become a judge and inspire other women too. On her daughter’s achievements, Sri Lata, her mother said, “My daughter developed a passion for art and music from her childhood. I’m very happy to see her receive all this recognition.”

Feature Image Credit: ANI

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