Rajiv Gandhi Assassin to Release Autobiography

Nalini Sriharan

Nalini Sriharan, who is serving life for Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, is to release a 500-page autobiography in Tamil, according to TOI.

She is the world’s longest serving woman prisoner, having been in jail for more than 25 years.

She had married LTTE operative Sriharan Murugan in 1991 and was arrested the same year. She is serving a life term along with six other accused. Her autobiography chronicles her relationship with Murugan, how she witnessed the assassination, her arrest, how she was tortured in custody and how she even gave birth to her child in prison. The ending of the book chronicles her 90-minute secret meeting with Priyanka Gandhi in 2008.

Throughout the book, she asserts that she and her husband were not aware of the plan to kill Rajiv Gandhi. She talks about how she was disrobed in prison, threatened with gangrape and kept chained while pregnant and in custody. She says that the police wanted her to get an abortion, but luckily the doctor they took her to declined to carry out an abortion.

The book will be released on November 24.

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