Rajasthan Survivor Attacked With Axe By Man Who Allegedly Raped Her

A rape survivor and her brother fell victim to a brutal attack perpetrated by the very man accused of assaulting her, just 20 meters away from a police station, raising serious questions about the efficacy of law enforcement.

Oshi Saxena
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A rape survivor and her brother fell victim to a brutal attack by the perpetrator and his associates in Rajasthan's Kotputli-Behror district, as the assailants unleashed their violence just meters away from a police station, leaving the survivor and her brother with grievous injuries.


The Assault

As the survivor and her brother journeyed home on a two-wheeler, the accused, Rajendra Yadav, and his associates unleashed a brutal assault using a weapon reminiscent of an axe. The assailants callously targeted the woman and her brother before hastily fleeing the crime scene, leaving the survivor and her brother with grievous injuries to their heads, legs, hands, and shoulders. To compound the horror, she was also shot in the spine by Yadav, elevating the brutality to an unimaginable level.

The fact that this atrocity occurred in close proximity to a police station in Pragpura village raises serious questions about the efficacy of law enforcement and the security measures in place. The survivor, now undergoing treatment at a hospital in Jaipur, bears the scars of this reprehensible act across her head, legs, hands, and shoulders. 

Arrests and Aftermath

The police have apprehended two of Yadav's accomplices, Mahipal Gurjar and Rahul Gurjar. However, the mastermind behind this brutal attack, Rajendra Yadav, was later discovered in Jaipur's SMS Hospital, bearing severe injuries. The circumstances surrounding these injuries remain wrapped in ambiguity, leaving unanswered questions about whether they resulted from an accident or a potential suicide attempt.

History of Threats and Intimidation


This horrific incident reveals a disturbing backdrop of threats and intimidation endured by the 24-year-old survivor. Having filed a case against Yadav in June 2023, she had already faced the brunt of seeking justice. Yadav, arrested at the time of the initial incident, subsequently lost his job but was recently released on bail. Fueling the narrative of retribution, he allegedly resorted to threatening the survivor to withdraw the case.

The FIR lodged in connection with this horrifying assault suggests a clear motive: an act of vengeance for the survivor's steadfast refusal to succumb to intimidation, raising fundamental questions about the adequacy of legal safeguards and the protection extended to survivors of heinous crimes.

Yadav's alleged association with local politicians has also surfaced, as evidenced by pictures posted on social media, raising pressing concern regarding the nexus between criminals and individuals occupying positions of power. 

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