This Rajasthan Milkman Has Distributed 20,000 Packs Of Sanitary Pads In 19 Months

Rajasthan Milkman sanitary pads
Rajasthan Milkman sanitary pads: In a bid to raise awareness about menstrual hygiene, a milkman from Hanumangarh in Rajasthan has distributed over 20,000 packets of sanitary napkins among girls in rural areas of the state and neighbouring states of Haryana and Punjab in 19 months. He didn’t want girls to skip school because of lack of menstrual hygiene.

He used to travel almost 100 kilometres regularly. He used to visit slums and small rural colonies to hand over sanitary napkins to all women of reproductive age. The girls said in an interview that they were hugely benefitting from this initiative. Their absenteeism has reduced.

Suthar is a 33-year-old man hailing from Nathwana village in Hanumangarh. His mission is to ensure that no girl skips school because of her menstrual cycle every month. “Also in villages, girls end up using cloth, which is not hygienic. I want girls and women to have access to sanitary pads. Thankfully, my family has also supported me in this,” he said.

One would wonder how he afforded sending so many sanitary napkins? He said that for the first few months, Suthar only sponsored the sanitary napkin packets. Once more people got to know about what he was doing through social media, people from abroad started chipping in by sending him consignments.

He told TOI that a lot of times people order the packages online. They also have the option of sending money for him to buy them. “The best part about this initiative is that I do not take money from everyone”, he said adding that he has distributed 20,000 packets of sanitary napkins in 19 months. This loosely translates to 1,000 packets have reached over 100 girls per month.

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