Railway Cop Drags Woman From Gap In Train Platform, Saves Her Life

railway cop drags woman from gap
Chilling videos of people being stuck between the platform and running trains have often circulated on social media. Along with it, are people in uniform who often end up saving people from death or fatal injuries. In one such incident at Bhubaneswar Railway Station, a railway cop, with all their strength, dragged the woman out of the pits between a running train and railway platform.

The person shown saving the woman is the head constable at the Railway Protection Force (RPF) and they saved the life of a woman who was trapped in the gap in the railway station in Odisha. The incident took place on May 11. It was not just witnessed by the people standing on the platform, but also by a CCTV camera.

The camera captured the entire incident, railway officials told news media. In a 35 seconds video shared by the ANI on Twitter, everything remains fine until, when 14 seconds into the video, a person in uniform holds on to a woman, who is trapped in the gap between the platform and the stair leading to the train’s entrance.

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Railway Cop Drags Woman From Gap

The cop then drags the woman out of the trap while another woman in a red saree pushes the person as well. She then jumps off the moving train and falls down on the platform. She immediately got up to check on the other woman. The crowd, who is taken by surprise rush to help the three persons.

The cop who saved the woman is named S Munda. Munda is the RPF Head Constable and was applauded for his prompt action. IPS Officer Dr Sudhanshu Sarangi tweeted, “Great work by Head Constable Sunaram Munda @RPF_INDIA today at Bhubaneswar Railway Station. He saved the life of a lady passenger. Please watch the video till the end. @CMO_Odisha @DGPOdisha.”

Feature Image Credit: ANI