Power Of Nari In Sari: Radhika Gupta Hails Women Scientists At ISRO

Edelweiss Mutual Funds CEO Radhika Gupta also sought to break the age-old assumption that women in sarees are "behenjis" -- a term used to denote women who are homely, not modern.

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Radhika Gupta

Edelweiss Mutual Funds CEO Radhika Gupta on Tuesday highlighted the accomplishments of women scientists in ISRO who played an important role in the success of Chandrayaan-3's smooth landing on the Moon. She also sought to break the age-old assumption that women in sarees are "behenjis" -- a term used to denote women who are homely, not modern.


"For years, we believed a woman in a sari was a 'behenji' limited to the kitchen. When in fact there is no woman more modern than her," Gupta, a proud saree lover, wrote on X. "She can run India’s largest banks, create billion dollar companies, run the country’s finances… and yes land us on the moon. Never underestimate the power of a nari in a sari!"

Gupta returned to office in August 2022 six weeks after giving birth to a baby boy. Gupta, who often shares her insights on work-life balance on LinkedIn, took to social media to recall an ordeal from her early motherhood journey.

Radhika Gupta on working moms

Gupta began her note, "My mom was 21 when she had me and after me and my younger brother were born, she decided to do her Masters in Education at City Uni in NY where Dad was posted. There was no one to look after us, so after school, we spent our time at the university, while she did night classes, with grad students babysitting us."

Gupta further added that she is much more fortunate, and has a lot of help to raise her son. "But today, both us parents had to go to work, and the situation at home was tricky… so what did we do? Bring 6-month-old Remy to work. It felt like déjà vu. He rolled, laughed and loved chilling in my cabin as I did my meetings. And my colleagues greeted their new visitor with love and affection. The boundaries between home and work are not great, and I am fortunate that I work for a firm that believes this."


She added on her loved one's apprehensions about how she would balance work and motherhood. "I asked countless times before having my baby, how are you going to make a mom and CEO's life work? Didn’t have an answer then but I’d say now, a little bit of planning, a lot of patience and a problem-solving attitude make things work. And a baby’s laugh does the rest."

In an interview with Moneycontrol, the Edelweiss chief said that working mothers make sure to give their best shot at everything. "My amazing team put a supermom sign on my cabin door. I am not that, for sure. I cry sometimes and I definitely don’t wear a cape, but like every mom out there, I’m out there giving it my best shot. And for now, that feels like enough!" Gupta added.

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Radhika Gupta working moms