Disclaimer: Right after watching Kriti, I am still under its thrilling influence. Forgive any overt expression of praise because it was a bloody good movie!

As we get done with the disclaimer, Kriti is such a film that you crave more from it. An 18 minute 50 seconds short film made by Shirish Kunder, this baffles you in the most subtle and yet hard way possible. I was especially enamoured by Radhika Apte’s portrayal of Dr. Kalpana. The character starts with seeming like a side character but eventually becomes the main lead. Her look is very edgy and sexy, much different from all her girl-next door images that she has played many times before.

Radhika’s acting prowess is undeniable and that we all know after watching other Ahalya, Shor in the City, Manjhi- The Mountain Man etc. Recently, there is suddenly a huge number of movies she is seen in and has been critically acclaimed for each one of them. Before, Kriti it was Phobia that got loud cheers for her performance and it is absolutely incredible how she becomes the person that she plays. There is no Radhika left when she is playing a character and I believe that is when one’s acting capabilities are seen.

Kriti was uploaded on YouTube three days ago and in mere 72 hours it has got close to two million views already. It also stars Manoj Bajpayee who matches the madness of Radhika Apte like two puzzle pieces. Both create such a strong case of a psychological thriller that one is left stunned in the end. The director of the movie Shirish Kunder is famous for making comedy movies and basic masala movies in Bollywood and this is the first time he has experimented with his genre. And we are not complaining at all.

Radhika is so convincing in the movie that her intense eyes hold the interest of the viewer. Her dialogues aren’t long for you to devour in them, but even small dialogues in her conversation with Manoj Bajpayee in the beginning where she enquires about his life as she plays a Psychiatrist in the film have a bit of suspense in them. Restrained yet explaining.

Her potential is far more than a typical mainstream actress but alas, she does not get her do as much. Now, as the Indian cinema is evolving and the ways of how the industry works too, many out of the box movies are coming up, which raises hope for a great actor like Radhika. She has been doing a lot of interesting work and if you have not watched her yet, you need to head over to YouTube right away to watch some of her short films.

picture credit- Singapore Buzz