Quantico 2 has Priyanka Chopra as a CIA Agent: All you need to know (without the scoop)

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As the excitement rises with Quantico’s second season premier today, we bring to you some facts that will get you up on your feet with joy. Priyanka Chopra has caught world’s attention with her role in this TV Series that aired last year on September 27th. She even won the People’s Choice Awards for favourite Actress in a New TV Series. Now before you start getting all restless, let us give give you a glimpse of things we are expecting in this new season (no we aren’t giving away the scoop!)

  • Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) is donning a new hair style that gives her role even more appealing status. (If that wasn’t enough already!)

  • FBI is old story now, Alex is going to be joining CIA as an undercover agent. And yes, you guessed it right, she’s going to be kicking some major ass in the role. Before you even know it, she will smell danger.
  • The show revolves around thrill, suspense, new secrets and of course a little bit of drama. Alex will be seen fighting all this and more in her new role that will be even more challenging. Where Alex goes, threat follows.
  • We will also see Alex in action packed scenes which involve rescuing the President AND the First Lady. Now you can imagine the Level 1 rescue operation that is going to unroll.
  • There will also be a new entry in the show. There is a chance Tom Hiddleston might appear as a guest on the show.

Major popcorn time is about to unroll. PeeCee even shared a video on Twitter for her fans:

Can’t wait Pee Cee!


Feature Image Courtesy: indianexpress.com

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