Two Punewaalis Talk About Making It Big In Male-Dominated Professions

Kriti Dwivedi
Jun 18, 2018 10:43 IST
Meeta Makheja Uma Dhanwatey

Founder of The Flour Works, a popular Resto Bakery in Pune, Chef Meeta Makhecha and Photographer Uma Dhanwatey founder of Uma Dhanwatey Photography were in conversation with Author Sudha Menon in the latest edition of Punewaali. A sneak peek into the amazing session.


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Discovering passions

Meeta, comes from a conservative Gujarati family. She shared that she did a lot of "random things" before undertaking food as a career. Makhecha has a degree in economics as well as in Travel and Tourism and even ran a gym for a friend for about 3 years. "I always had cooking at the back of my mind," she revealed.



The journey


Meeta moved to the US after she got married, it's there that she undertook a culinary training.  When asked about her experience of working in a restaurant she describes it as "phenomenally crazy yet phenomenally fun."

Meeta describes her industry as thoroughly professional. She explains that the environment is not gentle and you have to be on your feet for hours together.

Uma hails from Nagpur and landed up in New York City to learn photography. "Originally I wanted to be a fashion designer" she revealed. "I always wanted to do something about colours and art," she said.


Uma's wish of becoming a fashion designer didn't get fulfilled but she realised that her real love was being behind the lens. "We always had a camera around while growing up," she said.

Uma pursued her degree in Communication Studies in the New York City and photography was a part of her course. During the time she was a student she learnt how to stitch stories and create narratives using pictures. She also talked about her experience of working with the famous photographer Farrukh Chothia. Dhanwatey revealed that working with the photographer was not easy as he was very temperamental. Uma was the only assistant of Mr Chothia to last a year, due to her hard work and patience.

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