Only women can make themselves happy: Lisa Pingale at Punewaali

Saie Tamhankar Lisa Pingale Punewaali

“My favourite roles are those that portray me not black, white but grey,” says award-winning actor Saie Tamhankar during #Punewaali, SheThePeople’s flagship effort to celebrate women of Pune. Saie busts myths that actors are projecting a make belief world, and instead prefers roles that portray her as a real-world person with real stories and challenges.

“I find people very interesting. When an actor plays a character, it does not necessarily mean that you have to be either the white or black. I love playing greys and those edgy in between roles. I am very hungry to portray different personalities.”

Saie Tamhankar, an award-winning actor who has straddled roles of every kind with remarkable poise and comfort. Over the years she has done films and roles that have challenged stereotypes in both Marathi and Hindi films and won her applause and critical acclaim.

The other stellar panellist was art promoter Lisa Pingale who runs The Monalisa Kalagram, an art gallery tucked away amidst the greenery and towering trees at the family’s farm-style home in Koregaon Park.

The event for SheThePeople was moderated by Sudha Menon, a journalist and the author.



Saie calls herself an actor, a go-getter, a survivor and an optimist. “What defines me are my choices.”

Lisa, on the other hand,  thinks of herself as a creative person who has many passions. In fact, she tries to follow as many as she can.”


“I have a lot of interests and I try to follow each one of those. Whatever I have done, I have done with a lot of passion and I have enjoyed it a lot”, said Lisa Pingale who started as a French teacher, dabbled into wedding photography and is now a famous art promoter.


Talking about the challenges she faces, Saie Tamhankar said, “The biggest challenge for me as an artist has been to keep upgrading myself and keep erasing what I have learnt.” Lisa Pingal, on the other hand, confessed how she loves challenges and is the most effective when there is a challenge.


Saie Tamhankar believes trolling is something which is there but she doesn’t feel the need to deal with it.


Saie observed how as women, we forget to celebrate ourselves because we have husbands, kids and families to take care of.

Lisa said that women must know that someone else cannot make them happy. They have to make themselves happy.


“The day you stop worrying about what people are saying about you is very liberating. I know who I am and I don’t have to explain myself to anyone. I don’t worry about what people who don’t know me have to say about me. As long as you are not doing anything that is unethical or immoral, you are not answerable to anyone. It is your life”, avers Lisa.

Saie explains how every day is not a Sunday and it is okay if things don’t work out.

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