Publishing Secrets Every Aspiring Writer Should Know

Dec 20, 2017 06:02 IST

If you are passionate about writing then your ultimate aim is share your story with as many readers as possible. Though there are no standard rules that work for everyone. Whether it is to get published in a magazine, a Journal or publish a book, you need to keep a few tips in mind, as a beginner.


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Start Small

It is very important to understand that it's actually a good thing to start small. That way you can better your writing skills and gain more experience and practice. Try writing and contributing to online journals, magazines, local newspaper or on your own blog.


Be Well Researched

Research and make a list of the publications you'd like to pitch. Shortlist a few among them and keep reading those to get an idea of different writing style, angle, and the average length of the articles.

Use your Connections


If you have any friends or acquaintances who are published or if they are in contact with magazines or newspapers ask them for their help. Such contacts are really helpful. Also, you can use various groups on Social media to connect with authors.

Write a Letter to the Editor

By writing a query letter to the editor you can inform him of your proposal. Try to keep it short and formal and provide him with a few of your best works. This will improve the chances of selection of your work. If you are able to get the editor’s mail address then you can mail him as well.


Be Patient

Nothing happens instantly. Give the newspaper or magazine enough time to respond. Wait for a week or two to get the response. Do not nudge them. In case you don't hear back in a few week’s time, just mail the agency or send a letter. If you still don't hear back from them, move on and pitch in your work elsewhere.

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If they Agree to Publish Your Work

Once the agency agrees to publish your work, share it as much as you can. Update your resume and bio on your website for future publications. Also, try to maintain good relations with them in order to keep pitching in.

If they Reject your Proposal


Don't be upset if the publication rejects your proposal. Simply move on and pitch  your work to some other journal or newspaper. You can also ask the editor why your work was rejected in order to better your writing skills.

Keep Pitching

Continue to pitch in your work to various magazines and newspapers. Publicise your work as much as you can. You may end up having magazines approaching you for inputs. Stay in touch with the editors, don't leave the agency once you've published your work there. Keep pitching till you're good enough to do it by yourself.

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Heena Mangani is an intern with SheThePeople.TV

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