Studiers have proven the positive effects of having women at the C-suite levels, which includes an increase in profits. So when it is established that companies require more women to succeed, what is holding them back from hiring more women?


While we still try to find the answers to these questions, we should also try and make changes to our current ways of approaching the issue. Business 2 community suggests three ways in which we can step forward and initiate a more gender balanced and healthy work environment.


1.Resetting  the GPS

The first step would be to look forward. By resetting the GPS, we need to forget about the past and focus on the future and think of possible solutions. This would involve thinking of an objective and then working towards empowering it without always going back to the problematic issue of the past.  Making policies and hiring executives that would support and encourage both male and female employees, would be the way to go.


[Picture Courtesy: Salon]

2.Standing Up

Standing up for the rights of both male and female employees is vital to the growth of the company. With power always being associated with men, special attention should be given to the advancement of females workers to the executive level. Rethinking policies, rebuilding strategies, programmes and monitoring the effectiveness would also be extremely helpful. To make sure the organization succeeds and prosper in today’s time it should be ensured that these steps are taken.


3. Be a game-changer

At this time where things around are changing dynamically, sticking to old plans of action and policies will just not do.  Adapting initiatives that inspire engage and lead women while recognizing qualities both feminine and masculine, one can make sure that both genders feel appreciated. A workplace that deems gender irrelevant would surely provide a better and healthy environment for its employees.


ORIGINAL SOURCE: Business 2 Community!bPDQmI