Priyanka Gandhi Quotes That Give You Insights Into the Leader She Is

Priyanka Gandhi Quotes

On Violence

I do not believe in violence. The answer to violence does not lie in more violence. I believe the answer to violence is ahimsa

On Indian PM Narendra Modi

Have you seen Sholay and Asrani’s role in it? He used to always say angrezon ke zamane mein” (in the time of the British). In the same way, Modi ji talks about Jawaharlal Nehru’s and Rajiv Gandhi’s work. Why doesn’t he talk about his work in the last five years?

Our Prime Minister is one of the least decisive leaders India has seen in recent decades, both in terms of his political leadership and in terms of leading India as a nation in the larger geopolitical sphere.

The BJP’s nationalism starts with [Prime Minister Narendra] Modi’s name, and ends with it

On Dynastic Politics

My family has borne the brunt of malicious political campaigns for generations. I am not in the least “worried” about such things. The more they attack us, the stronger we become.

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While Rallying In India’s National Capital

A Delhi girl is openly challenging you. Contest the last two phases on notebandi, GST, women’s safety and unfulfilled promises to the youth.

On Her Children

I have made every effort to keep my children away from politics and encouraged them to do anything they would possibly want to do, other than politics

On Her Role

I am willing to be anything my party wants me to be

Priyanka Gandhi Sonia Gandhi Mother Daughter

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On Her Brother And Her

I feel that the comparison between Rahul and me has been a politically motivated exercise right from the beginning. It is part of the vicious propaganda campaign that has been carried out against my brother.

On Her Grandmother

I am her granddaughter, it’s natural that I should look like her. Sometimes, when I see older people waiting for me and greeting me with so much affection, I can see that they are reacting to me so emotionally because of her work and her commitment to our country. It makes me even more aware of what a formidable and courageous woman she was. So many years after her death, she is still remembered with love. It says a lot for the life she lived.

Priyanka Gandhi Roadshow

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This is a collection of quotes given by Priyanka Gandhi to several agencies and media outlets.