Congress Leader Priyanka Gandhi Dubs UP Government’s Women-Centric Slogans as ‘Hollow’

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Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra criticised the Yogi Adityanath-led government for spending whopping amounts of money towards women’s safety while neglecting their safety issues at the grassroots level. She also made a reference to the rising crimes against women in UP and called the ‘Beti Bachao, Mission Shakti’ slogans ‘hollow.’

The leader wrote about this in a Facebook post. “You would get an idea after reading the news from UP Chief Minister’s home place that the system that spent crores of rupees on false propaganda in the name of ’Mission Shakti’ for women’s security, at the ground level has such a negligent attitude towards women’s security,” Priyanka Gandhi said.

Gandhi alleged that the UP police would often fail to identify the victims in several cases. She also alleged that the state of Uttar Pradesh witnesses 165 crimes against women every day. She referred to the many cases that gained limelight by saying that the administration has done nothing to pay attention to women’s grievances. Priyanka Gandhi also said that a woman is often mocked for filing a police complaint and is disrespected instead of getting the sympathy she deserves.

Priyanka Gandhi on UP Government

The Congress leader further slammed the UP government for not understanding the voice of a woman. She cited recent cases like the Hathras gangrape, Unnao and Budaun cases in her post. She added that the time has come for the government to work for the women and show sensitivity towards them. She then signed off by saying that it is condemning when a woman or her family’s voices are muted and the fact that they have to face lewd comments. She stressed that a woman needs to be treated with respect and her safety must be the government’s first priority.

Priyanka Gandhi has been condemning Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath over the past few months now. She and former Congress President Rahul Gandhi demanded his resignation for his inhumane handling of the Hathras case. When the Budaun rape case came to light, she said that there was something severely wrong with the UP government’s resolve of working towards women’s safety.

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