Priyanka Chopra Oprah Interview : Here’s What You Need to Know

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First Meghan Markle, then Priyanka Chopra. After making worldwide news with her recent interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Oprah Winfrey will host a garden drop interview with Priyanka Chopra. It will be an intimate conversation with the actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who is straddling careers across Hollywood and Bollywood.

The actor, well known for Quantico, will be part of the Oprah interview series called Super Soul Sunday. In the promo clip, Oprah asks Priyanka about her recently released memoir and why this was the right time to bring it out.

Priyanka Chopra shares that the pandemic and lockdown gave her the time to catch up on her writing and get the book out. Chopra, who is married to singer Nick Jonas, also revealed “I felt like I could leave behind the insecurities of my 20s and not worry about the things that used to scare me before. I have a little bit more confidence in myself and what I bring to the table, professionally, personally. I think that really helped me address my life,” she said.

priyanka chopra oprah interview