Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla's Twitter Page Disables Comments As Trolling Goes Intense

The Twitter page for Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla, The Clarence House, disables comments as trolling from The Crown fans intensifies.

Shivangi Thapa
Nov 26, 2020 15:03 IST
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The official Twitter page for Clarence House has disabled their comments section as the trolling rises from The Crown fans. Since the premiere of the fourth season of Netflix’s The Crown, the page has been getting a lot of hate comments and trolling. The new season has shown how Prince Charles cheated on the late Princess Diana with Camilla Parker Bowles and ignored her mental health issues.

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Their recent post was about Duchess Camilla's charity work. The Clarence House page is to help Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla connect with their supporters and fans. The page shared snaps yesterday as Duchess Camilla spoke with a homelessness charity in Brighton. However, the comments on the thread had been switched off.

The fans of Princess Diana have come together to attack Charles and Camilla with snarky memes and rude jokes. Seeing all this, the social media teams have decided to limit the commenting powers to only those accounts followed by Clarence House.

However, people quote tweeted their posts with some harsh comments. "turn on the replies you abusive coward" read one comment. "Home wrecker talking about domestic abuse, how about the pain you caused to Lady Diana and her children??" and  "Funniest thing she is the patron of domésticos abuse get a grip please did you know that is what Diana suffer and you were involved as well", were some of the other comments.

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The fans of Charles and Camilla showed their support. "HRH The Duchess of Cornwall works hard for her charities. Well said Camilla", "I love Camilla. She is an asset to the Royal Family. This domestic violence awareness is a very worthwhile. Hope it gets plenty of exposure", were some of the positive quote tweets.

Shivangi Thapa is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv

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