Pregnant Women Might Not Be Recipients Of The COVID-19 Vaccine: Report

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While India and the world readies itself for the COVID-19 vaccine, pregnant women are likely to be left out. Experts have revealed that pregnant women won’t be receiving the vaccine shots immediately. This is because of the risk associated with triggering an unwanted immune response when the individual has symptoms. Not enough comprehensive trials have been conducted for these individuals too.

Dr Samiran Panda, an epidemiologist from Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) revealed that clinical trials have excluded them.  “One will put the child in the womb at risk. They are a vulnerable population and unless there is enough data, this group cannot be given the vaccine.” 

What About Pfizer and Moderna?

Companies like Pfizer and Moderna are yet to conduct clinical trials on pregnant and lactating women. So, the question behind vaccinating this group of women seems absurd. Jerica Pitts, Pfizer’s spokesperson said that the company is conducting ‘early research’ for the same.

Vaccine regulators in Britain won’t be vaccinating pregnant women. Authorities will also refrain women of child-bearing age to become pregnant for two months post receiving the shots. Experts are still unsure on whether vaccinating these women will be safe or not. The absence of clinical data in this matter is the main cause of this problem.

Pregnant Women: Different Perspectives?

However, there are many experts who are in favour of vaccinating these women. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG) has said that pregnant women can be vaccinated. The body has also said that women need not wait for two months to get pregnant even after receiving the shots. Experts from ACOG feels that there won’t be much difference in the safety profile of these women along with other groups. Clinical trials participants suffered from flu-like symptoms, chills, muscle pain and headache. After the second dose, these symptoms vanished in few days. So, the ACOG has recommended pregnant women to consume acetaminophen if they feel feverish.

However, there are other experts who feel that its to early to decide anything. Dr Soumya Lakshmi T V, consultant, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Aster CMI Hospital, said that vaccine doses should not be administered. She supported her argument by citing the unavailability of data.

Moreover, the Centre For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), under the World Health Organisation, hasn’t decided on the matter.

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