Meet Prajakta Koli, the Star of Netflix’s New Film ‘Mismatched’

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You may know her as the immensely popular ‘MostlySane’, her YouTuber alter-ego where she makes rib-tickling videos about the daily shenanigans of life. But Prajakta Koli is much more than just an internet celebrity; she’s an upcoming actor who is starring in the Netflix film ‘Mismatched’, along side Rohit Saraf (of ‘The Sky is Pink’ and ‘Ludo’).

Watch the trailer of Mismatched here:

Despite being in the internet’s limelight for a couple of years now, here are some things that you may not know about Prajakta Koli:

  • Prajakta initially wanted to become a radio jockey, but gave up that dream after a video that she made with Hrithik Roshan, went viral. She was encouraged by Sudeep of One Digital, who insisted that she join Youtube.
  • She started with her Youtube channel in February 2015, and it wasn’t until June 2015 that her first video went viral: ’10 hilarious words that Delhi people use’.
  • She became the first female comedy creator in India to hit 1 million subscribers back in March 2018.
  • She credits her parents for her success. Prajakta says that her parents supported her no matter what, even when she gave up her dream of becoming a radio jockey and took up Youtube. She says that even if they struggled a lot, they never expected her to settle for something stable, encouraging her to pursue her passions.
  • Recently, she was appointed as the Indian ambassador for YouTube’s global initiative ‘Creators for Change’ along with 50 other creators from over 16 countries.
  • She made her acting debut with a short film, ‘Khayali Pulao’, in which she plays a class topper in a small village in Haryana.

Watch the entire film here: Khayali Pulao

She will make her Netflix film debut with ‘Mismatched’, in which she plays Dimple, an aspiring app developer who is paired with Rishi (Rohit Saraf). They are given an assignment to build the best app in class by their teacher, Sid Sir (Rannvijay Singh), and the team that wins gets a fancy internship.