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Power Breakfast: Don’t be shy to make a great sales pitch

“Until you are going to package, brand, and market yourself well, nobody is going to believe in your vision,”

A statement that created maximum impact by Sarika Bhattacharya of Biz Divas at the Power Breakfast organised by SheThePeople. An initiative that focuses on women in entrepreneurship and workplace and their journeys. Sarika’s statement resonated with most of the women present and she added with a wink, “Fake it, till you make it.”

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Sarika explained her phrase saying that women in entrepreneurship are so bogged down because of the limited number in the industry that their confidence level is at an all time low. She says that even if you feel underestimated, just don’t let it come through your skin and be visible to your clients or investors or anyone that you are dealing with. “Fake the confidence so well that it enters through your skin and become a part of your personality.”

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Women entrepreneurs

Stand up to be counted in business ( Picture Credit: wirlc.com)

When women take the entrepreneurship plunge, their earliest feeling is that of self-doubt, which makes them pity themselves before anyone else does. Kanika Tekriwal, founder of JetSetGo narrated an incident to illustrate how to deal with this dilemma. She cited, “Private Aviation has only one awards ceremony in a year and only three categories in it. So when I won the award, it was announced that a ‘27-year-old girl’ has won it and since I never pitied myself and was oblivious of my achievement, I only asked them back, ‘what are you afraid off- the 27 part or the girl part?’.”

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While marketing and self-confidence are two must-haves for women, what plays a major role in selling oneself in the business arena for women is ‘selling your achievements’ as pointed out by Sarika. Sometimes you have to subtly talk about your own success story for others to take note of you. Kanika opined that she hated at one point of time to brag about herself being mentioned in the Forbes list or anything of that sort, but realised it’s importance once an investor joined them only because he had read on their website that she had been on the list. That is the sheer power of bragging, when done in right proportions.

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While making a great product or service is what is the core strength of any good business, one must totally believe in the power of PR. This is applicable more so to women because women are always waiting in the wings, so to speak, to be recognised.

“Pull up your sock and ask for what you deserve!” as Kanika said at the end of the discussion. We must say we totally believe in that!

Feature Image : Glimpse of the Power Breakfast