“Bhojpuri cinema doesn’t reflect the realities of society much. This, in turn, affects the mindset of our young generation,” opined Shefalika Verma, a Sahitya Akademi awardee, at the third panel at #Rethink in Patna that focused on the portrayal of women in Bhojpuri cinema and the need to shift the narrative.

She reminisced about the golden days of Bhojpuri Cinema when movies like Piywa Toke Piyri Chadhaibo were made, watched and appreciated.

A lot of girls don’t watch Bhojpuri cinema as it doesn’t add any value to their lives – Nitin Chandra

Film critic Vinod Anupam emphasized that people who make Bhojpuri films have no knowledge about the culture and society.

“None of the films is female-centric. All Bhojpuri songs objectify women.” – Vinod Anupam

He also talked about how cinema faces the pressure of national acceptance, compelling filmmakers to show what the national market demands. The real Bhojpuri touch gets lost.

Nitin Chandra, a National film awardee, said that most Bhojpuri songs objectify women’s body parts to attract the audience. He also mentioned that a lot of girls don’t watch Bhojpuri cinema as it doesn’t add any value to their lives.

What should we do?

RJ Surbhi explained that after 1980s, the standard of Bhojpuri films deteriorated because of commercialisation of art. She also highlighted the fact that public will consume everything offered to them.

As a solution to this, she suggested that we should revolt against such movies and stop watching them altogether. “Women-centric and content-driven films should be made. We must make an effort to associate Bhojpuri cinema with good things,” she averred.

Chandan Tiwari said that Bhojpuri movies are only left with Bhojpuri language and no Bhojpuri content. “We need more melodious songs in Bhojpuri movies instead of those sleazy and vulgar item songs that are being added,” he said.

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