When we start killing children it’s not war anymore but it’s humanity that dies. I have written this the poem below in memory of all the children who deserve much more than what the world is giving them.

I may have never been to Syria but I believe that the world is ONE. The recent chemical attack, the latest of many kinds of attacks the country has gone through, just left me bereft of all I had believed. I started to question myself. Where is this world headed? I believed the world is one but is it really? When you start killing children in the name of war, it’s not war anymore. You are killing the very atom of humanity. It angers me. It pains me. Those images have scarred me. I wonder. I wonder every single day. What are these people thinking?

How can war be against children? They are born innocent. They learn to love this world. They learn to live with what they get and take chances on themselves. We give them a world which is torn apart, but they embrace what they get. What have they done to be killed? In this fight for supremacy or whatever else, why are they the victims?

This poem is dedicated to all those innocent children who deserve a better world than what we are building for them.

To my Syrian friends, I feel your pain. In memory of the Syrian children.


My blue sky and the green fields have heard my innocent chuckles
I have run past caressing my jasmine flowers each day
My laughter has been engraved on these pine trees
I was born to love and to be loved
This was my home until you paid me a visit…..
Today I lie as a shattered piece
You are conspiring to kill me
I run to my fields to seek shelter
But it’s only screeching cries that call out to me
You have colored my green fields red
Everyone around me is dead
The river flows furiously to tell my tale
The trees swing incessantly to protect my naked soul
But you are blinded towards me, you nasty world
I was not born to be killed for your wars
guns, bullets, bombs & chemicals …I wonder what have we gained?
Oh my nasty world, hear me, I am in severe pain
I will depart but remember my soul will not find peace
Let me see how long will you continue to sleep:)

A Syrian child

According to UNICEF, 8.4 million children – more than 80 percent of Syria’s child population – have been affected by the conflict, either in Syria or as refugees in neighbouring countries.

8 in 10 children in Syria are in need of humanitarian assistance. 

Almost 4 in 10 children in Syria have been displaced from their homes. 

Picture Credit: WVI.Org